Our mission is simple: serve high-quality, honest and approachable food and drink to our neighbors, friends, family and total strangers, in a warm, fun, friendly and mildly quirky environment. 

F&B Restaurant Management, LLC started with three bearded guys - PK Kamath, Ben Thompson, Tommy Lasley - who love to eat and drink, try our best not to take life too seriously, could stand to lose a few pounds, and try to make everyone around them happy, one sip/bite at a time. Two of us graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and worked in Michelin star restaurants in New York and California. One of us was born in Rhode Island and raised in West Virginia. One of us was born in Sweden, raised in Colorado and spent a lot of time on a submarine based in Norfolk. One of us has a tattoo. One of us has an alter-ego that's a bowler and goes by the name of Vikram.  All three of us love our families and our country.  All three of us understand the value of good food and drink and what it means to those we serve, whether it be our friends, our neighbors, or a random family on their way to Wally World.  Come and join us and see what we're really all about.