lead BARTENDER | augusta kitchen

Job Description

The Lead Bartender is tasked with organizational and creative direction of the bar program. Primary tasks include: 

  • Inventory management,

  • Ordering,

  • Quality control and training,

  • Creative direction and co-curating of cocktail, spirits, wine, and beer lists, working closely with GM, AGM, and FBRM.

The ideal candidate has exceptional bartending skills and knowledge, a professional and friendly personality, as well as strong leadership and customer service skills.

Bartenders provide full service to an appropriately sized bar section, while executing service bar duties for the entire restaurant. As a central personality in the restaurant, bartenders contribute to guest experience and staff morale, while enforcing safety, legal, and store standards pertaining to alcohol service. Ideal candidates are detail-oriented go-getters with strong organizational skills, and excellent menu knowledge of food, spirits, beer, and wine. 2+ years serving or bartending experience required.  

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Cash Management

  • VA ABC compliance

    • Enforce ID and alcohol safety policy among servers and bartenders

    • Complete ABC Online Training for Managers (MART)

  • Daily Execution of Bar Program to include

    • Development

    • Daily opening checklist completion

    • Full execution of service bar and bar service, including beer, wine, and spirits production, table maintenance, and customer and staff education

    • Execution of carry-out sales program

    • Maintenance of bar organization and other systems

    • Quality control of all bar prep and production

  • Inventory and waste management to include:

    • Weekly inventory and ordering duties

    • Portion control

    • Enforcement of proper drink ringing protocol, discounts and promotions

Minimum Requirements

  • 2 years restaurant experience

  • 1 year bar experience

  • 6 months management experience

  • Excellent beer, wine, and liquor knowledge

  • Fully qualified as Support, Server, Bartender, and M.O.D.

Job Guidelines 

  • Reports directly to GM, AGM 

  • Reports occasionally to FBRM 

Pay Scale

Compensation – 0-30 Days:

  • Range of Pay Increase: May Adjust Starting Pay @ 30 Day Eval

  • Range of Pay Rate: $7.00/hr. + tips

Compensation – 31+ Days:

  • Range of Pay Increase: $0/hr.-$.50/hr. per eval

  • Range of Pay Rate: $7/hr — $10/hr + tips